Property Locations

Property Locations in Cyprus

Tochni set on the slopes of two hills, its stone-built houses line the narrow streets that wind their way to the beautiful church of Constantinos and Eleni.

The attractive village square is a place where residents and visitors mix and meet, for a friendly chat in the shops, a drink in a coffee shop, or a meal in one of the traditional taverns. Just outside Kalavasos, a family-run horse farm is worth a visit.

If you value ultimate tranquillity in proximity to a cosmopolitan centre, this modest village about 5 minutes’ drive from Governor’s Beach is only a short drive from the city of Limassol.

Located only a 3-minute drive from the sea, Psematismenos is another small village that appears like a flashback in time, while providing the convenience of a local church, a minimarket, a bank and a local tavern.




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